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Extensions: To Do or Not to do?

Extensions are something that can help women extensively, but they are not right for just anyone.

Perfect candidate:

-Fine to Coarse hair texture

-Thin to Medium hair (remember you can have thin hair but coarse texture)

-Areas of hair not able to grow as long (usually in the front of hairline, which makes something similar to a mullet if the back is not trimmed to match the sides)

-Someone growing their hair

-Someone who cant seem to get past a certain length

-Someone desiring fullness and/or length (you can do a few extensions to add bulk without adding length)

Which type of extension:

Our owner suggests ONLY doing keratin bonding extensions with a Certified Professional. Other types of extensions can be used for Events (clip in extensions for weddings), but for someone looking for a more long term fix Keratin is the only way to go. Keratin extensions look much more natural and are not damaging (unless they are not being taken care of properly) Other types of extensions can be damaging, which is what gives all extensions a bad name.

Celebrities use Keratin bonded extensions!

Care of Keratin Extensions:

-Keep extension bonds dry as much as possible- this may include washing every other day or every third day instead of a daily wash (dry shampoo helps a ton!)

-Brush hair with extension brush from scalp to ends AT LEAST 2x's daily

-Use a Profeesional, Sulfate and Paraben Free Shampoo and Conditioner

-Preferrably sleep with your hair in a low ponytail or braid to avoid tangling

-If you see any tangling that you can not get out yourself with brushing, call you stylist

Extensions falling out??

Clients get very nervous when they see those few extensions falling out throughout the first couple weeks into the rest of the time. REMINDER: we lose 40-100 hairs per day naturally! What does this mean when you have extensions?... you will lose a few extensions in the life of your extensions. Each bond is attached to very few of your natural hair, which means with natural loss you will have extension loss.

How long will they last?

If you have a good stylist applying keratin bonded extensions, and they are applied correctly, your extensions will last anywhere from 3-5 months. This is determined by your hair density, hair growth, application and at home maintenance.


Price will range depending on the experience of stylist, type of hair used, length and density of hair desired.

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