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L'Oreal Expert Product Line

We have added L'Oreal Expert and Texture Product line to our retail products. As a salon owner I was hesitant to bring this line into our salon because a lot of clients think, "oh I can just get this as the grocery store". This is VERY UNTRUE! L'Oreal is the worlds largest cosmetic company, which means they own many, many cosmetic lines. These include Redken, Kerastace, Pureology, as well as many off the shelf brands including Maybelline and L'Oreal Paris.

Why it is a Great Line?

L'Oreal Expert is L'Oreal's highest end line. This line is a very conditioning and perscriptive haircare line. They break up the products into colors, which is how you will know what you need for your hair. Your stylist should help you find the right fit, but a general rule for those of you who know you want to try it (because it is AMAZING)- here you go:


Purple: Smoothing

Pink: Focuses on Color fading (every product in this line is color safe, but the pink has extra technology to focus on reducing fading (great for redheads)

Green: For Volume!!!

The three lines below are for Damaged hair. I have put them in order of least to most repair. Don't be fooled, even the least repairative line in the Expert line does wonders for damage.

Light Yellow: For anyone who is needing some repair, but does not have a ton of damage. Great for "dry" hair! This line is great to use in non-humid climates.

Darker/Creamy Yellow: (Lipidium Line) Very Luxurious! Repairs and Moisturizes dry and damaged hair

Dark Teal: For VERY damaged hair. This is the most repairative line.


Silver: For Fine Hair

Gold: For Medium texture

Copper/Bronz: For Course Hair

Purple: For all Hair Textures

L'Oreal Expert Line VS. L'Oreal Off the shelf (at big box stores)

L'Oreal Expert line is the highest line for all of the L'Oreal subsidiaries in haircare, which means the majority of the research and development is focused on this haircare line. This is also the reason they use the best technology and ingredients for Expert.

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