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Weddings: down to the details!

Wedding season is fast approaching and its time to get down to the details. You probably have your venue, date, and possibly caterer by this point in planning, so now you can focus on setting the smaller details that will make the day perfect!

Some of the most important details that can be left behind are invitaitons, flowers, hair, photography and favors.

Here are a few tips while you are in the planning process:


There are many ways to go about invitiations these days. You can go a traditional route and find a vendor that you can choose formal invitations out of a book and have them sent to your vendor who will help you design them to your color and/or theme. Another avenue for invitiations that is more simple and less traditional is using an online invitation design through vistaprint, weddingpaperdivas, or another similar source. These are great to use for direction and rsvp cards even if you go a more traditional route on your main invitation. Now a lot of brides are choosing to stay away from both of these and getting in to DIY invitations. Yes you can do this! I am not the most crafty person in the world and even I made my wedding invitations and they turned out unique and beautiful! My suggestion when going the DIY route would be to find a local source to help you in your endeavor. They may be your source for supplies, or ideas, or even may help in putting them together. You always have the options of Hobby Lobby, Michaels and JoAnns, but I prefer finding someone local. They will typically be much more help in the information and design side of things. If you are in our area, we recommend Scrap2it. Ranea is the owner and she will help in any way she can to get you the right supplies, she is a great designer, and even allows customers to use some of her very expensive equipment to achieve your goals. Once a month she holds a Crop night where customers can come and scrap, design, or card make until Midnight. What a fun idea for a night with your bridesmaids! She even provides dinner for a small fee. Check her out if you are local to the Northern Colorado area. If you aren't, do a little research and find someone in you area who you can utilize.


This is an amazing area to make your wedding or event Flourish! You may go big with floral or you may want to keep it nice and simple. Either way adding flowers to your wedding will go a long way. We again recommend going local for this area of planning as well because flowers are a very personal thing that can easily add to your style, but when done the wrong way, can be a huge upset. Finding that vendor you can trust is hard but do your research. Sometimes avoiding the "big name" florist in town is good so you can have a more personal experience. In the Northern Colorado area we recommend Avenue Blooms. They are a small local wedding and event florist located in Fort Collins. It is a 2 woman show, and they are both Amazing! You can go in with just your colors, or only knowing your budget and they will get to the root of exactly what you are looking for, or you may know exactly what you want. If you are a bride who knows exactly how you want your flowers, use Pinterest and bring pictures. The more pictures the easier it is for them to see what you are wanting. Anna and Liz will even travel to your event if you love them but are doing your wedding in the mountians or in Southern Colorado. There will be an additional cost anytime you ask a vendor to travel, but sometimes it is worth it! If you are again not in our area, do your research and go with your gut feeling on who you trust.


Photography is a huge piece of a wedding for many brides. You may have a big budget for photos because it is what lasts of your wedding, or you may decide to have a family friend take your pictures because it is an area that does get very costly. In my opinion, this is one area you need to find someone who is professional and has the style of photography you enjoy. Pictures are FOREVER! I have heard many brides complain after their wedding that their pictures were horrible and they didn't get half the pictures they wanted. Do your research!!! In Colorado our preferred photographer is Moriah Riona Photography. She is such a professional photographer and will listen to what you want so she can capture exactly what you want. If you are on a tight budget, let your photographer of choice know what you budget is to see if they have a package that will fit your needs. Pictures last a lifetime!

Wedding Planning:

Some brides choose to use a wedding planner, where others like doing it all themselves. Remeber when thinking about using a planner, there are many different levels of planning services you can use from full service to day of coordinating. Our preferred planner in Northern Colorado is Jolly Events. Emily is amazingly talented and will get you exactly what you dream your big day will be.

Hair and Makeup: This is our area of expertise and we love making brides beautiful! Hair and makeup are a critical element of weddings. A lot of brides wait until the last minute to book their beauty needs, but if you wait you may not be able to see who you want, or you might have to start your wedding day at 6am to make it work. We Always suggest doing a practice updo and makeup application within a month of your wedding. Doing a practice allows you and your provider the confidence of knowing exactly what you want on the day of your wedding. The worst thing is to have the added stress of not knowing what you will look like when walking down the isle. Also remember, no matter how good your stylist may be, you need to give a detailed explanation or bring pictures to help them understand what you are looking for. A picture is worth a thousand words!

Also, you may think about doing a pre-wedding prep day. Our salon and spa does a lot of prep parties where each friend or family member will get their manicure, pedicure, facial or massage to help look good and/or relax before the big day. We also allow our bridal parties the option of bringing in food and/or drinks to make it a party!

We hope this helps in planning your wedding details,

Happy Planning!

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