• Kylie Epple

Similarities/Differences of Gel, Gel Polish, and Shellac

What is gel polish? Gel polish and Shellac are essentially the same thing: a long lasting polish cured under UV lamps. Shellac is CND brand’s version of a gel polish. They were the first brand of gel polish to hit the market, which created a buzz for Shellac. It is similar to people calling tissue by the brand name of Kleenex. They both last up to 14 days with a natural, glossy finish, and both polishes cost around the same price. Prices range from $25 to $50 depending on the salon.

There is one major difference between gel and gel polish/shellac. Gels can be similar to acrylics in the aspect that they can be buildable (add length). Gels are more diverse and can be used like shellac or acrylic (they are much gentler on your nails than acrylic). When building gels you can get a more elegant look such as diamond shaped nails. So when deciding between gel and gel polish, you should consider if you want to use your natural nail or create a new longer shape. Making this decision should help you choose between gel and gel polish (shellac).

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