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The Life of a Salon Receptionist/Coordinator

My welcome to the world of stylists. From the outside it seems like a salon would be easy to work in. Seems like it would be fun, you get to talk all day, and make people beautiful. It is very different than what you would think.

I have a background in mathematics, accounting, and coaching. Coming into a salon thinking this skill would be easy to pick up was the wrong thought process. It is a whole new world. New language, new way to talk to people, new clothes to wear! I had to learn what a CCC was (AKA Custom Cut and Color), how long a normal haircut took, how to book people quickly, and how to please all the clients. I was in for a lot of learning.

Only a month into entering the salon as a receptionist, I am still learning a lot of things about salon life but I have been able to pick up on the process of coloring a person’s hair, calling clients on a daily basis, and making sure everyone is comfortable and happy with their experience. I now understand how difficult it is to formulate color, how talented a stylist has to be to double book clients, and how to build a relationship with everyone who walks in the door.

Don’t get me wrong, it is tough stuff and I am still making mistakes because I don’t know the way salon’s work, but it is the best experience I have had. I have learned so much already and it has opened my eyes to a whole new world that is amazingly creative and underappreciated. I love my salon and the stylists and it is only going to get better the more I learn about this industry.

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