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Lash Extensions

“Lashes are the new breasts. Women are obsessed with getting a bigger, better pair.” – Vogue Magazine.

Bigger, thicker, darker, and curled lashes. No down time, no pain, and instant gratification. Sounds like a fairytale… but no, it’s just the best new thing in the beauty world! No waiting months for a miracle growth serum to give you long lashes… and risk gaining dark discoloration from serum on your eyelids… oh no!

From gorgeous vixen lashes to a beautifully natural wink, each set is professionally customized to individual client wants. Lash extensions are individually placed, semi-permanent synthetic lashes that are curved to replicate the natural lash. They are placed one at a time to create a thicker, longer, more luscious set of lashes. Lashes come in an assortment of lengths and thicknesses. Lash weight is comparable to natural lashes; you will notice the length change, but you won’t feel a thing!

Just like all other hair, lashes grow. As your natural lashes grow and fall out in their own growth cycle, your lash extensions will need to be “filled.” During a fill, new lash growth will have extensions applied and any outgrowth will be maintained and retouched. We recommend fills every 3-5 weeks. Everyone’s hair growth is different, so some may need to come in sooner to maintain those perfect “doe eyes.”

Something so amazing must have restrictions, right? Individual lash extension have few rules… just the way we like it! When lashes are first applied, it is best to wait 24 hours before you are in prolonged water or steam. This includes face washing and showers. Most importantly, be gentle. We are pretty hard on our eyes, rubbing and scrubbing makeup off. Not only does this compromise the youth of the skin around our eyes, it also breaks down the adhesive of eyelash extensions. There is a small loophole though! With lash extensions you will find yourself skipping mascara. With longer, thicker lashes, there will be no need! Therefore cleansing makeup is a breeze. If you just absolutely, positively cannot live your day without applying mascara… make sure to avoid water proof kinds. These are much more aggressive on lashes.

Gently cleansing/touch, brushing out, and maintaining fills, are all you need to maintain perfectly-plumped, Marilyn-Monroe-curved, Route-66-long, make-your-friends-jealous, eyelashes!

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