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Kids Hair Care

Have you ever wondered what your stylist uses on her kids, and why would she use one thing over something else? Does it really make a difference?

We are here to tell you some of the things your stylist would tell you: -Why some products are better and can even make life a little easier: …. Everyone loves the smell of baby shampoo. I decided to use Paul Mitchell Baby Don’t Cry. It smells like baby shampoo but is extremely gentle. I can use it head to toe, and it doubles as a bubble bath. Also it’s really concentrated so a little bit goes a long ways. The large bottle lasted almost a year. It is ph balanced so it doesn’t burn the eyes or irrate the skin.

I know that some of the other baby products have a lot of extra fragrance and that can irritate the sensitive skin of a baby. It is more expensive up front but if you are using it correctly (only a nickle size about for the entire body including the hair.) it will last a lot longer that anything you buy over the counter.

-Cradle cap is a problem that many parents have to deal with. A great solution is coconut oil! Take a little coconut oil and gently rub it on the scalp and then use a baby brush to massage the scalp. After that wash the baby hair a few times to get all the extra oil out.

-Now that my daughter is a little older we have ran into a new problem. She has long blond fine hair. Her hair tangles with the slightest movement. She loves her long hair, but getting her to sit still while I brush it, that is a huge challenge.

We have added two types of conditioner to help with the problem.

1.During bath time we use a conditoner that rinses out. I personally like the Circle of Friends line. Its a kid friendly line and uses quality ingrendents, vitamins and protiens. (Never tested on animals.) I also love that each flavor has a different character from all over the world. The shampoos are still tear free and very gentle. My daughter usually takes her baths at night.

2.In the mornings we use a spray leave in conditioner on her hair, by adding just a few quick sprays helps me get through any tangles. It also helps with the fly aways that she gets with her fine hair.

-Let’s move on to the teenagers!! Most teenagers have a lot of extra oil. This oil causes a lot of problems from acne to oily hair. (Boys) With my son I have him use a tea tree shampoo from American Crew, which now has a 3-in-1 shampoo conditoner and body wash. (With boys the simpler it is the better-Don’t try to give them 3 different products.)

Tea Tree can be used from head to toe. It’s good at breaking through the oil with out being too harsh. Tea Tree is a great anti fungal, anti bacterial, anti viral, and antiseptic. All the things that teenage boys need in one simple package. Paul Mitchell makes a great Tea Tree line also. You can also buy a small bottle of tea tree oil at your local health food store and add it to what they are already using.

-Teenage girls are completely different. They like products! They are starting to explore the world beauty. Your basic shampoo and conditioner (professional, not store bought) for their hair type is great. If they have color treated hair,which many do, a shampoo and conditoner for color treated hair will be the best. If you live in a dry climate extra moisture is a must, and a deep conditoner is a great tool to use once a week. If they are in the sun a lot, look for something with UV protection is. You mainly need to teach them that professional products are way more concentrated than what you can buy over the counter so a little bit will go a long way. A quarter size is more than enough. As long as they are using them correctly the 16-20oz bottle should last 3-4 months.(Favorite brands for teenage girls: Aquage, EVO Normal Persons Shampoo/conditioner)

I hope I touched on what you needed to know for your child

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