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Whats the right cut for your faceshape?

Everyone thinks they have a round face or a long face, which is not the case usually. There are many different face shapes people don’t even think about. Everyone assumes if they are skinny, they have a long face or if the think they have an extra few pounds, they have a round face. The fact of it is that your weight has nothing to do with it! It’s in your bone structure and facial features.

We will start with the basics- the “ideal” face shape is oval, although very few of us actually have one. The way you find a hairstyle for you is by figuring out your face shape and making your hair give the illusion of you having an oval face. Another thing to consider is that again there are not many people with symmetrical facial features, so it is typically more flattering to avoid center parts. A center part will draw an invisible line down the center of your face, which shows anything that is not symmetrical. If you use a side part or no part it softens our features so nobody even notices if your nose is a little off center or your eyebrows aren’t waxed evenly.

Now lets start by finding your face shape: Look first at your forehead and chin. Do you have a wide forehead, or is it quite small? Is your chin a little point or does your jawline seem a little more rounded or squared off? That can tell you a lot, but if you still aren’t sure find the widest 2-4 points on your face and draw imaginary lines to connect them. This may give you your final answer. Remember your cheeks aren’t going to determine your face shape unless your face is truly round (which is not as often as you may think). Look at the structure before checking in on your cheeks. Okay, you should have your face shape, now we will find your perfect hairstyles.

Oval: - Starting with our ideal shape is easy! If you truly have an oval face, you can probably pull off pretty much every type of haircut and style. Enjoy playing!

Round: -Again, make sure your face is round, and if it is here are your guidelines for choosing a great cut:

1. You should never put the width of your haircut at the same level as your cheeks.

2. If you like volume, that is perfect! Get a little lift in your crown to give you some height.

3. Use side parts and angles to soften the roundness of your face into a nice oval.

Suggested Haircuts: -A-Line Bob (Length hits chin length to shoulders) -Off the shoulder square cut with lots of choppy layers (add a side bang for softness) -Believe it or not- you can even pull off a pixie-IF you keep it very feminine and a bit edgy. Add lots of face framing, side part, choppy layers and a ton of texture.

Square: -You want to do almost the exact opposite from a round shape.

1. You want width at your cheeks.

2. Never get a cut that hits at your jawline or has fullness at your jawline.

3. Side parts help to soften, as well as, a more rounded layering and shape can soften also.

4. If you want long hair, make sure to add layers and debulk any extra thickness. Add a side bang to soften the edges.

Suggested Haircuts: -Soft layers cut with the length ending just an inch or so off the neck. (With or without side bangs) -Long Hair (not overly long) with lots of layering and texture. Have the base be cut at a softer angle and add a side swept bang for some extra face framing.

Oblong: -This face shape is going to be the same rules as the square but we are going to add a few.

1. Review rules on square shape first. You will want to follow these as well.

2. Don’t give height in your crown or bang area.

3. Keep the length to a minimum. You can do long hair, but don’t go overboard!

4. Cuts that hit in between your shoulders and just below your jawline work best.

5. Do use layers, texture, soft edges, or even a slight A-line.

Suggested Haircuts: -Long A-Line bob, starting just above your shoulders in the back and angling to your collar bone. (Play with the lengths to make it fun) - Soft Layered Cut- this can be shorter, in a just above the shoulder cut, or a longer cut past the shoulders. Play with the texture, keep it soft and framing your face.

Heart: -Anytime people think of this shape, we see Reese Witherspoon. She has the perfect example of a heart shaped face. Rules are:

1. Always keeps the fullest part of the cut at or around the jawline. You need fullness in this area to create an illusion of an oval.

2. Bangs are a good option, whether side swept of more full and fringy.

3. Stay away from width around the forehead. This should always stay the flattest area of your cut. 4. Stay away from a line cuts that hit at your jawline!!!

Suggested Haircuts: - Short Sassy Cut w/ Choppy Layers that hits just below the chin. Flip the layers out or just rough them up a bit but make them full. - Longer length Square Cut at your collar bone, with face framing. Very few longer layers to keep some bulk at the bottom of your cut.

Pear: -Again with a pear shape, we are going opposite of our last shape (heart shape).

1. Get your fullness at the top! Height and width at the top are good, but avoid cuts with width at the lower half of your face.

2. Keep it nice and tight at the jawline.

3. Nothing that hits at the jawline for length. If you want that length, go for a bit of an A-Line. Nothing too angled but don’t go blunt and square either.

4. Longer hair works well but only if you keep some bulk to the top, and layer enough lower to avoid that width.

Suggested Haircuts: -Short Wispy Layered Cut with lots of volume at the top- feminine and soft at the bottom. -Long Playful Layers with texture and volume through the top.

Elongated oval: - There are variations of oval that you need to alter as well. If you have a thin, longer face listen to this:

1. Whatever you do add width! Stay away from anything flat and straight, because it will only accentuate the length of your face shape.

2. Use texture and curl.

Suggested Haircuts: - Short Choppy Bob with a lot of texture. Keep width at your cheeks. - Longer haircut with a lot of volume and soft curls. Make sure to also take into account your hair texture (thick, think, curly or straight).

This can affect each style differently. Happy Hair Hunting!

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