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Benefits of Getting Regular Massages

Getting a massage once in a while feels good, but getting on a regular massage schedule helps you stay healthier. Massage shouldn't be treated so much as a luxury, but as part of one's wellness plan, right alongside exercise and proper nutrition.

Massage reduces anxiety and stress:

The vast majority of diseases and their complications are brought on by anxiety and stress. Massage has been proven to lower cortisol levels in the body while increasing levels of serotonin and dopamine. Hormones released by stress actually shrink the vessels, inhibiting circulation. A stressed mind and body means the heart works harder. Breathing becomes rapid and shallow and digestion slows. Nearly every body process is degraded. Studies show stress can cause migraines, high blood pressure, depression, ect. In fact, researchers have estimated 80% of disease is stress related. Soothing and relaxing massage therapy can counteract the effects of stress.

Some work places have wellness benefits for their employees. One that I know of are for city and county workers of Fort Collins. Our massage therapist Becca has forms on hand for this benefit. All you do is turn it in for reimbursement, minus a small co-pay!

Massage enhances immunity:

Massage promotes the movement of lymph, the body's natural defense system. However, if you are feeling under the weather take time to rest and get better. Sometime massage can make you feel worse if already sick, and we don't want to get your therapist sick.

Massage reduces the effects of long hours of working at a desk and driving:

The average worker sits 8-9 hours a day either at a computer or behind the wheel. Causing shoulders to become pulled forward and rounded, upper and lower back muscles to become overstretched and weak, and that’s just what happens to the upper half of your body.

Tight, sore muscles can throw off the body's balance. And, before long, muscles that were not initially tight begin to tense as they compensate for other parts of the body. The chain reaction spreads through the body impacting posture. Regular massage addresses the problem immediately, easing muscles and enabling the body to maintain a healthy posture.

Massage helps athletes prepare and recover from events:

Including massage into your exercise routine or if you are training for an event. Massage will help reduce muscle soreness and tightness, and keep joints flexible. which can help reduce injuries. By helping reduce fatigue and aid recovery, massage enables more productive training, with longer, more effective workouts.

A bi-weekly or monthly massage forces you to take time out for yourself for a relaxing activity. Take the time to care for yourself.

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