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If you’re here you’re probably considering lash extensions!

Eyelash extensions are a beautiful alternative to wearing mascara or strip lashes regularly and with proper care can be a great fit many people. Whether this is your first time trying eyelash extensions or you’ve had extensions in the past, this article will address some of the most common questions and concerns people typically have about eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are great for almost everybody but If you’re wondering if eyelash extensions are a good option for you here are a couple things to keep in mind. The eyelash extension is glued to individual natural eyelashes therefore the best candidates will need to have some natural lashes of their own.

There’s definitely a lot of information going around about eyelash extensions. One of the most common misconceptions about eyelash extensions is that they damage natural eyelashes. With proper application and care this should not be an issue. Much like the hair on your head eyelashes grow at different speeds. When eyelash extensions are applied it’s important that they are only applied to one individual eyelash. When a neighboring lash gets stuck to the extension it risks pulling out that lash due to the different growth speeds. Our stylist understand the importance of taking care of our clients lashes throughout the process. The next thing to understand about eyelash extensions is they do require at home care. Be sure to read to the end of this article to see how easy proper home care can be.

I’m sure your thinking, how will eyelash extensions look on me? Eyelash extensions come in many different shapes and sizes and depending on the style you choose can either be very subtle and natural or give you a full on glamorous look. Here’s a quick overview of the sets we offer however you can talk to your lash stylist and create a custom look to perfectly complement your eye shape.

ACCENT Lash Set:

This is perfect for those who want an extremely soft and natural look. A single eyelash extension will be applied to your natural lashes starting at about the pupil out to the corner of your eyes. This gives the eyes a beautiful open and lifted appearance without looking like you’re even wearing eyelash extensions. This is for those who want the “I just woke up” like this beauty.


This is fantastic for those who want the appearance of mascara without wearing mascara. A single eyelash extension will be applied to each of your natural eyelashes. The extension will be slightly thicker and longer than your natural lash depending on how dramatic you would like your eyes to look. This gives your eyes the extra pop and can be modified to compliment every eye shape.


A hybrid set is two different eyelash extension styles combined. Some of the lashes applied will be a classic lash where a single lash is applied to a natural lash and the other lashes will have a volume lash extension applied. The volume eyelash extension contains anywhere from 3 to 10 thinner lashes to create a fan, this fan is then applied to an individual eyelash giving you a more voluptuous look. The combination of the two styles gives you a beautiful wispy effect that can still be natural or more dramatic depending on your personal preference.


This is the most dramatic style to chose from and will give you that false lash look. This is where a fan is applied to each natural lash. Fans can be anywhere from 3 to 10 lashes depending on how full you would like your lashes to be. This glamorous set is perfect for false lash lovers that no longer wish to apply lashes every day.

Once your beautiful new lashes are applied there are a couple dos and don'ts we recommend following to keep your lashes looking their best.

1. Within the first 24 hours it’s very important to keep lashes completely dry. Avoid heavy exercise and heavy steam that could cause moisture as well as this could prevent the glue from curing properly.

2. After 24 hours you’re free to wash your face, swim and participate in any activities you choose. Eyelash extensions are safe to swim in.

3. Make sure you’re using oil-free products for your face. Heavy oils can break down the glue prematurely and cause your eyelash extensions to not last as long.

4. Eyelash extensions should be cleansed daily with a soft brush and a foam cleanser designed for eyelash extensions.

5. Extensions should be brushed from mid to tip daily to keep extensions from rotating.

6. Avoid picking, rubbing or scratching at eyes as this can pull out eyelash extensions as well as damage your natural lashes.

With eyelash extensions it’s recommended to come back in every 2 to 3 weeks for a refill. On average a person loses anywhere between 3 to 5 natural lashes per day so after a few weeks there will be new growth of natural lashes that will need extensions applied to.

We hope this blog answered some of your questions about eyelash extensions! If you have any additional questions or concerns feel free to talk to our Lash Stylist who would be happy to help.

Happy lashing!

- Deanna Mittl,

Orchidee Salon and Spa Lash Artist

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